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Log My Moves uses your smartphone's in-built GPS to gather location data and logs your data to a secure cloud database automatically.

Our comprehensive online tool transforms data into useful information for you, your family, and your business! You have the control to share your travel and location info selectively and securely.

Your data history is there for as long as you want it, so it is always available for you to use when the need arises. There is option to download the data into standard GPX format for archiving and purge the data in the cloud.

We have designed a variety of reports which interprets your uploaded data into practical and easy to understand information. Some of the usages are listed in the left side bar. Click on the headings to read further.

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Secured Sharing of Data

Log My Moves site allows easy sharing of location information. You extend invitations to friends and once they accept, you could specify what they could see.


You could specify range of date of data access is granted, and flexibily turn off access granted. You could also specify what days of the week as well as hours of the day of your movement data that could be seen.

There is also means to verify exactly what the friend would see based on settings; this is to avoid exposing data that you do not want expose owing to settings error

These are very important, since different situations might require different scopes of access. For instance, the assistant in charge of doctor's appointments schedule might need the doctor's location from 7 AM to 9 AM, Monday through Friday; to determine if the physician is stuck in traffic and schedule reshuffling being necessary. You want to provide these access without compromising your general privacy

Standard Reports:

To provide easy analysis of your data, we provide a growing list of Standard Reports. These reports use a set of predefined parameters to extract data, requiring few entries.

Currently available reports are listed below.

route-analysis Route Analysis: Specify two locations like home to work, and the report on all travels between these locations would be provided. You could use this to determine average, maximum, minimum commute time. If you take alternate routes, you could compare for the best travel distance or time, or best route for different time of the day.

time-attendance Time & Attendance Report: Specify a work location, for example, and all arrival, departures and time spent at this location would be reported. These could be cumulated to obtain time spent within a specific period; this could be used as time sheet.

commute-analysis Commute Analysis: This report could be used to analyze the total travel out of the home, until return. The total travel daily is becoming important for those that are evaluating electric or plug-in hybrid cars. The range of daily commute should match the range of the electric cars that would be charged at home. The commute could also be used to explore stopping locations and the possibility of routing though charging stations. The commute could also be used to evaluate how much battery time an hybrid car would use, rather than the gasoline consumption.

This facility is accessible through GPS Logger menu, using the Report sub-menu, or the Special Reports button on the main log list page.

Apart from specifying the date range for the report, one or two locations would need to be selected, depending on the report.

Log My Moves allows you to define locations by associating GPS locations with names like home, work, dentist, gym, etc. that could then select for reporting. There is a tab available on the special report page for you to create these locations.

General Reporting Tools:

General Reporting Tools

Log My Moves provide flexible reporting tool for your uploaded GPS data.


You could specify a date or time range and obtain a report on travels that fall within that period. These are useful for trip reviews, or for geotagging your pictures. Geotagging is the process of matching the timestamp on a picture with GPS data time stamp, in order to attach locations to pictures.

The report for specified date or time range also provides distance travel from start time to end time. This provides useful data like total distance travel during a business trip, total distance travel between gas fill up, and many other uses.

Log My Moves client app allows you to specify the minimum time interval, minimum travel distance between GPS location data upload. You could also trigger upload manually at any point, with option to add notes. For instance, you could manually trigger location update with full notes describing arrival at client premises as well as notes on purpose of visit.

There is an option to filter for specific type of location data, like distance, time, or manual. These could provide for useful data, for instance a trip across series of clients could be manually noted. Report on manual entries would provide trip information on the clients visited.

These data could also be archived using standard GPX format.


Log My Moves allow you to define locations, specific longitude and latitude or addresses, and give them names you could recognize like home, work, dentist, etc.

You could then report on arrivals and departures from or to these locations, within specified time range.

You could also reports on trips between these locations like work to office or the reverse.


Log My Moves allow you to invite friends with whom you could share location data. You are allowed to specify what day of the week, range of hours in the day that your movement could be seen. Your friends could also specify similar restrictions.

All reporting options are available on data that you are allowed to see, and the same is true for the data you expose to friends.

These reporting are not only useful for friend data, it could also be used in business to evaluate business movements and optimize travels on behalf of others.

Family Tracker

Log My Moves provides family tracking facilities; the usually common features are a sub-set of what is available with this product. For example, permission is granted by family members to see each others' locations, without means of fine tuning those permissions. The usual provision is limited to real time monitoring, with few with the view of the last 24 hours; whereas with Log My Moves, the real time monitoring is only the starting point, with full analysis tools for historical data.

Family Tracking Family Tracking

Before the map is shown the Show Friends Locations option provides a list. It is from this list that selection (checkboxes) could be made for the family members that you want to show in on the map; otherwise you could show all. Link is also provided to allow seeing raw data for the past 24 hours. The filter option allows expanding the range of date.

The security tuning is flexible, for example, it allows parents to view the children without granting the same access to the children.

Gas Mileage Tracking:

Car MPG is usually dependent upon the street or freeway, speed or crawling traffic and precise estimation is usually difficult because of the mix of these factors.


Log My Moves provides easy means to measure this data. Fill up in a gas station, then go your merry way. When you are low on gas, return to the station to fill up. Record the amount gallons of gasoline needed for the refill.

The departure report on your station gives you the total distance travel until your return visit, this figure divided by the number of gallons pumped give you your gas mileage per gallon.


The departure report is just one example of ways you could extract such information. For instance, with two receipts of two consequitive fill up in hand, you could enter time range from fill up to refill time. Just by clicking refresh, you get the data on travel in that period, with total distance travel provided. This distance divided by the number of gallons of re-fill would provide the same data.

GPX Import/Export:

Any device that could capture GPS tracking information in the standard GPX format could also be used to capture data into files that could be uploaded.


This open the possibilities of doing analysis provided on this site on myriad of devices, like phone or GPS devices used for asset tracking. The GPX data is recognized for upload, and once uploaded sharing with friends, designating special locations, etc. could also be applied to these data.

All data uploaded to the site, including data through the client app, could also be downloaded in GPX format. This also provides means of exporting data to GPX, XML and CSV formats.

Parental Activities Tracking

Parents usually need to monitor children activities during the day. If they are part of drop off and pick up, there are chances that close monitoring could be done. However there are cases when children are dropped off, like on a campus, and they must attend the right balance of activities during the day, from library time, music lesson, sport, etc.


Log My Moves allows this kind of monitoring; you would simply need to specify locations to be monitored by providing their addresses or selecting locations from the log reports. You could then ask for the arrival report, which would provide the time spent on individual arrivals, as well as the total time spend during the specified period.


The number of locations that could be specified is unlimited; whereas you could still monitor locations within locations. For instance, there could be a library in the middle of the campus, as such the center of the library and the campus would have the same coordinates. The radius of the library could be within 100 feet, whereas the whole campus would have a much wider radius. Activities of arrivals, departures and length of stay at these various locations could be easily monitored.

Shipment tracking:

Big shipping companies have package/shipping tracking information system. Such systems are usually impractical for smaller shippers, a number of which is multiplying with the various bidding sites now available.

There are situation which a tracking system would be useful even for a small shipping company.


If the client is a big organization, they might need some tracking system as part of their operational control, especially if repeat business is desired.

Should the owner of the consignment wary about shrinkage or pilferage during the shipment, one would be better served that they are availed with real time tracking. Furthermore should such accusations be floated at the end of shipment, sharing the information could show for example, the fact that the route followed was the freeway at constant speed, without any detour before the delivery.

Log My Moves site provides the means to invite clients to share your GPS tracking data for a specific period of time, so that you could limit their view to the specific trip involving their shipment. You could also add notes to their records, which could be view along with your location data. They could view the path of travel also.

Travel Log

One useful and easy application of GPS Logger is for logging the locations that one passes through during travel or vacation.

It provides a capture of travel that one could relive over and over again. One could visualize the trip on a map, zoom into the streets to review sites and nearby locations that one could have missed.

Travel Log

If you decide to blog about the journey, the client application allows the entry of notes that could be starting point for the information for the blog. The travel itself is documented in the logs, allowing easy referencing and mapping. Sophisticated cameras now have date and time stamp on pictures and video taken, which could be matched with the timeline in the log. As such, notes, pictures, videos, maps and other diagrams could be combined to easily produce useful information for travel blog.